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Quickbooks efile 941

QuickBooks : What Steps Must be Taken to E-File?

In this tutorial, we will learn about the steps that must be taken by the user to e-file.To create and submit your 941, 944, or 940 payroll tax forms as a Reporting Agency:

Step 1:
Open QuickBooks, select Employees >Payroll Center

Step 2:
Select the File Forms tab and click the desired form.

Quickbooks efile 941

Quickbooks efile 941

Step 3:
Select Create Form.

QuickBook -Create Form

Please note that there are 2 selections for each form. To e-file for your clients as a Reporting Agent, choose the form that includes (for Reporting Agents) in the title.

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Quickbooks efile 941

Step 4:
When you have completed entering and reviewing the required information, click the Submit For button on the lower portion of the form.

Step 5:
If you get an error message that your payroll tax form contains errors, fix all errors.
When there are no errors, the Print/E-File window 10 is displayed when you click Submit Form.

Step 6:
Choose the E-File Federal Form. The login screen is displayed.

Choose the E-File Federal Form

Quickbooks efile 941

Quickbooks efile 941

Step 7:
Input the Required information, including your EFIN and PIN.

Step 8:
Ensure that the “Remember my information for next time” checkbox is selected. It will save the information and auto-populate the fields in the future.

Step 9:
Select the Submit button.

Source: Just for help support phone number 24/7 service. @ 1800-865-4183.
Your filing will be sent directly to the IRS for processing.