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Error Message 3371 Status Code #11118 (missing or damaged file).

With the advancement of new technologies, QuickBooks Accounting Software is the most required accounting software. It is so because the solution meets the needs of the three essential factors in business i.e. security, accuracy, and reliability. The solution is mainly for small or mid-sized business. However, QuickBooks user experiences some errors when performing business tasks with QuickBooks, but these errors can be resolved by taking certain troubleshooting steps.

Error Message 3371 Status Code #11118

Error Message 3371 Status Code #11118

In this article, we will discuss with you, how you can fix Error Message 3371 Status Code #11118. Therefore, you need to carefully read the content, so that you effectively resolve the error and continue performing your business tasks.

When you activate QuickBooks or re-organize the desktop for the first time, you may come across QuickBooks Error Message 3371 Status Code #11118. This error prevents you to access your QuickBooks file and receive a warning message.

Cause of QuickBooks Error Message 3371 Status Code#11118

The following points are the two major causes for QuickBooks Error 3371 status code-11118:

  1. Damaged Qbregistration.dat

The installation file holds the user license information. Intuit look for this file, whenever it is active. Hence, the error arises when this file is damaged.

  1. When MSXML component is damaged

MSXML is a vital component provided by Microsoft. It is required by QuickBooks desktop to run on the system. When this is damaged, it will cause the error to arise.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Message 3371 Status Code#11118?

The steps to resolve Error 3371 status code-11118 given below are very simple and easy to follow. However, if you experience problem anywhere on any steps contact our Technical Support Team available on our Website.

Solution 1

  1. Hold down the Window+ R keys on the keyboard. This will open the file
  2. Enter the correct location in the window enter, where QuickBooks saves the data.
  3. When you find the location select the OK button. The Windows Explorer web browser will be opened in the given location.
  4. Locate the ecml file and right-click on it. Click on the Delete button
  5. Close and re-run the QuickBooks software.

Solution 2

  1. Install the most recent update and select the Start Keybutton
  2. Select all the programs, and press on Update Option to update the Windows
  3. Verify the update is successful
  4. If it is, attempt to reinstall the QuickBooks desktop on the system.

Solution 3

  1. Install the most recent Windows Update
  2. After installation, select all the programs. Tab on the Windows Update
  3. After updates, attempt to install QuickBooks Software. Follow the steps to do so:
    • Create the damaged ecmlfile again and resolve the license and the resolving registration as well.
    • Use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool and attempt to fix the NET Framework, MSXML, & C++pitfalls.
    • Perform a clean installation.

To more about Error Message 3371 Status Code #11118 (missing or damaged file),” feel free to contact us via Live Chat Support provided on our Website. You can also send us a mail stating your problem, Solve Contact Number: 1800-865-4183, or call us on our Technical Support Number 1800-865-4183. We are Quickbooks available 24/7 Support at your service.