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QuickBooks License Error After Cloning: Resolution ☎ 1800-865-4183

Problem: Sometimes you need to clone your Hard drive or QuickBooks for that matter and next what you realise is that your QuickBooks License has stopped working post-cloning. This error hinders the progress of your work for good.

Luckily, there are solutions available to the QuickBooks License Error After Cloning. The QBPayrollHelp-AskForAccounting QuickBooks help-team is going to help you out in trying out all the solutions available to deal with the License error on your computer system running on Windows OS.

Description: To install the QuickBooks Desktop on your computer system, you always need a license number product code so that QuickBooks can validate your installation. The file that contains the license number and product code is encrypted.

The reason for this error to occur on your computer system is when this encrypted file is either damaged or missing on your computer system. If that is the scenario, QuickBooks will not open and show the error on the screen which reads, ‘QuickBooks License Error.”

The Issues Alike: There are so many errors which are based on the missing or damaged license key & product code. If one wants to resolve these errors, one should remove the EntitlementDataStore.ecml for it. It is the file responsible for most of the problems like:

  1. QuickBooks Re-configuration errors
  2. No Company Open Window does not show any Edit list
  3. Disabled Sync License Data Online.
  4. Error No. 3371: could not initialize license properties.
  5. Unregistered QuickBooks. No online banking possible.

Reasons for the error:

There are several reasons for the error to occur:

  1. DAT and MSXMl components are damaged. These components are required to run QuickBooks properly.
  2. dat is corrupt or damaged. QuickBooks accesses this file before starting to validate the registration. If the file is damaged or missing, the error occurs.
  3. MSXML helps component in retrieving the information from QBRegistration.dat. If it is missing, you wouldn’t be able to access the QuickBooks.

Resolution: We will follow the resolutions that will secure the QuickBooks Access on your computer system.

  1. Exit the QuickBooks Desktop application.
  2. Stop all the QuickBooks Processes.
    1. Hit ctrl+shift+esc and go to the Task Manager processes tab.
    2. You will see the processes list, and find the extension exe
    3. Select it and hit End Task
      (If you are a Windows 10 user, hit
      more details and the task manager will appear)
    4. Now, go to the entitlement folder:
      1. Launch Run Prompt.
      2. Browse to the path C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 (or v6) and hit Enter.
    5. Now go to the ecml, right-click and Delete it.
    6. It will prompt you to confirm the deletion process, click Yes for it.
    7. Now, Open your company file and follow the process of application registration.

Another Method: Update your Windows Operating Software and ensure that all programs are updated in the process. Once the Windows OS is updated, try installing QuickBooks.

If you have followed the instructions given above with caution, you should be able to resolve the issue without any hindrance. In case you still couldn’t resolve the error or need technical assistance from QuickBooks experts, we advise you to get in touch with our QBPayrollhelp-AskForAccounting QuickBooks Technical Support Team to speak to one of our QuickBooks experts on 1800-865-4183.


Error Message 3371 Status Code #11118 (missing or damaged file).

With the advancement of new technologies, QuickBooks Accounting Software is the most required accounting software. It is so because the solution meets the needs of the three essential factors in business i.e. security, accuracy, and reliability. The solution is mainly for small or mid-sized business. However, QuickBooks user experiences some errors when performing business tasks with QuickBooks, but these errors can be resolved by taking certain troubleshooting steps.

Error Message 3371 Status Code #11118

Error Message 3371 Status Code #11118

In this article, we will discuss with you, how you can fix Error Message 3371 Status Code #11118. Therefore, you need to carefully read the content, so that you effectively resolve the error and continue performing your business tasks.

When you activate QuickBooks or re-organize the desktop for the first time, you may come across QuickBooks Error Message 3371 Status Code #11118. This error prevents you to access your QuickBooks file and receive a warning message.

Cause of QuickBooks Error Message 3371 Status Code#11118

The following points are the two major causes for QuickBooks Error 3371 status code-11118:

  1. Damaged Qbregistration.dat

The installation file holds the user license information. Intuit look for this file, whenever it is active. Hence, the error arises when this file is damaged.

  1. When MSXML component is damaged

MSXML is a vital component provided by Microsoft. It is required by QuickBooks desktop to run on the system. When this is damaged, it will cause the error to arise.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Message 3371 Status Code#11118?

The steps to resolve Error 3371 status code-11118 given below are very simple and easy to follow. However, if you experience problem anywhere on any steps contact our Technical Support Team available on our Website.

Solution 1

  1. Hold down the Window+ R keys on the keyboard. This will open the file
  2. Enter the correct location in the window enter, where QuickBooks saves the data.
  3. When you find the location select the OK button. The Windows Explorer web browser will be opened in the given location.
  4. Locate the ecml file and right-click on it. Click on the Delete button
  5. Close and re-run the QuickBooks software.

Solution 2

  1. Install the most recent update and select the Start Keybutton
  2. Select all the programs, and press on Update Option to update the Windows
  3. Verify the update is successful
  4. If it is, attempt to reinstall the QuickBooks desktop on the system.

Solution 3

  1. Install the most recent Windows Update
  2. After installation, select all the programs. Tab on the Windows Update
  3. After updates, attempt to install QuickBooks Software. Follow the steps to do so:
    • Create the damaged ecmlfile again and resolve the license and the resolving registration as well.
    • Use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool and attempt to fix the NET Framework, MSXML, & C++pitfalls.
    • Perform a clean installation.

To more about Error Message 3371 Status Code #11118 (missing or damaged file),” feel free to contact us via Live Chat Support provided on our Website. You can also send us a mail stating your problem, Solve Contact Number: 1800-865-4183, or call us on our Technical Support Number 1800-865-4183. We are Quickbooks available 24/7 Support at your service.

What to Do When QuickBooks Stops Responding When Printing an

QuickBooks is one among the most used accounting software especially among the small and the mid-size businesses. Along with these exceptional features, a person also comes across some errors and suddenly stops responding when printing to any documents. This is quite a common QuickBooks issue and large numbers of the user are searching for a solution to fix the issues.

While working QuickBooks stops printing invoices, your organization daily activities can be affected negatively. Several possible solutions to printer issues are accessible, consisting of a change in the evasion printer in QuickBooks, glade your browser’s short-term Internet files and taking benefit of Intuit’s Print and PDF Restore tool.

What to Do When QuickBooks Stops Responding When Printing an

What to Do When QuickBooks Stops Responding When Printing an

Resolution steps:

  • Test Printer: Before starting with QuickBooks resolutions to a non-responsive printer, check that the printer is functioning appropriately outside the QuickBooks software. Shutdown the printer off and restart your system, and restart the printer again. Check that there is paper and Print a test page.
  • QuickBooks Print Repair Tool: Intuit has designed a PDF and a Print Repair tool to help identify digital and physical printing issues. It is accessible for free download EXE file.
  • Switch Printers: If your organization has a subsequent printer on its network arrangement, you can try the second printer as the defaulting print device in QuickBooks till the issues are fixed with the other printer. To modify your printer in the QuickBooks, go to “File” and choose “Printer Setup.” Enter the “Printer Name” and choose the printer you want to use.
  • Clean the Temporary Internet Files: To clean the temporary Internet documents, open Internet Explorer > select the “Page Tools” > and press “View on the desktop” to start Internet Explorer to Desktop > Press “Tools, > ” Press the “Internet Options” and then press “Delete” with the history Browsing. Eradicate the test mark from the “Preserve Favourites. Click the “Temporary Internet files” and then press “Delete.” These steps lead you to Internet Explorer 8.

Solution I: Check whether printer working outside QuickBooks

QuickBooks Stops Responding

QuickBooks Stops Responding

  1. Shutdown the printer > restart your system, and then restart the printer again
  2. Verify the printer paper is inserted properly
  3. Go to Start button, type Control Panel, and then double-click the Printers
  4. Right-click the printer and choose Use Printer while Online
  5. Double-click the printer and choose Printer > Cancel All files
  6. Shutdown the window 10.
  7. Right-click the printer, choose Properties, and press the Print Test Page
  8. If the error still continues, restart your system and then try again. If it fails again, remove your temp folder

Solution II: Verify the folder license to the TEMP folder

  1. Hold the Windows key + R to start the RUN command.
  2. Write %TEMP% and click Enter.
  3. Right-click in the blank area of the temp file, and select Properties
  4. Press the Security tab
  5. Make sure that all usernames on the Security tab have Full Control
  6. Once the authorization has Full Control, try saving as PDF within QuickBooks
  7. And try again, if it still continues, you can get in touch with our technical member
 Additional support if necessary from Ask for Accounting for your QuickBooks error

Hope this article has provided you with sufficient information for QuickBooks Stops Responding When Printing. But, if the error still prolongs, then straight away connect with our technical specialist they will direct you at the best to fix any difficult issue. The team comprises well-competent, a well-skilled and highly experienced software professional. They intensely examine your complexity and solve it while maintaining the great preventative measure. Therefore, to gainer the benefit of our excellent service; you merely need to make a connection via our various medium. To get in touch with them, you just have to call at Ask For Accounting 1800-865-4183, also you can contact via Quickbooks Online chat support/ Live chat support.