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QuickBooks Support Services

Boost Up Your Accounting Performance with Managed QuickBooks Support Services

In the technologically advanced business age, mobility is the key to success, and data breaching or hacking has become a new normal. Continuing business in the out fashioned style is the last thing that you as a business will probably prefer.

Every business want to establish sophisticated and modern infrastructure that helps streamlining business activities from any nook and corner of the earth.

Due to the increasing demand of mobility, data backup and security, many of the business-critical software, such as QuickBooks Support Service Online is being continuously promoted instead of QuickBooks Desktop.

quickbooks support service @ 1800-865-4183.

Quickbooks support service @ 1800-865-4183.

But, the catch out here is that: is data stored in the centralized server of Intuit safe, or does it guarantee round-the-clock accessibility?

Answer, is simply no. Your data stored in the Online version of QuickBooks isn’t as safe as it seems, and due to server maintenance or internal bugs, users at times experience high downtime, which simply means that your QuickBooks company file may not be always accessible.

And, here is when the need for managed cloud support for QuickBooks Desktop comes into prominence. You just need to purchase license of any version of QuickBooks Desktop and avail cloud managed support services from a third party managed support services quickbooks hosting provider.

A reputed QuickBooks managed support services provider deploys QuickBooks Desktop on its state-of-the-art and SSAE certified data centers, and offers a gamut of advantages that all in all, boost ups QuickBooks experience and your accounting performance.

To help you better understand the significance of managed QuickBooks support services, in this blog post, we discuss a wide myriad of advantages that a cloud managed support service offers, and why it is quintessential for SMBs and budding startups to avail QuickBooks hosting services. Let’s start.

Resounding Advantages of Managed QuickBooks Support Services

Round-the-clock Support

With QuickBooks managed support services, you get 24/7 support from a team of highly experience QuickBooks ProAdvisors and cloud engineers. Round-the-clock availability of support professionals guarantee that you have hassle-free experience while using QuickBooks Desktop accounting software and other QuickBooks products.

Simplified Accessibility

By availing managed QuickBooks managed support services, and my moving QuickBooks Desktop on a cloud server, you can access and manage QuickBooks from anywhere and at any point in time. QuickBooks managed services also guarantees high uptime, and uninterrupted accessibility to QuickBooks.

Ultimate Mobility

Having mobility to access any of the critical business software has become prerequisite in this complex and fast moving business age. With managed QuickBooks support and hosting services, you get a RDP in any of the mobile devices and operating system that you love to use. This advantage of having ultimate mobility with QuickBooks hosting is simply loved by QuickBooks users.

Highly Flexible

Managed QuickBooks support services are highly flexible in nature. At any point in time, you have an option to enhance or reduce the resources, such as memory space, etc. that helps growing businesses have total control on the resources that their business needs.

Affordable Pricing

As compared to QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks hosting services are much more economical and cost-effective. With managed QuickBooks support services, you just need to pay for the services that you avail.

What’s Next

To leverage more on QuickBooks and maximize the overall ROI of your accounting team, avail managed QuickBooks services Number 1800-865-4183. We are a US-based managed QuickBooks support services provider, and have proven-track record in delivering cutting-edge and sophisticated accounting infrastructure to SMBs, CPAs, and individual entrepreneurs.

QuickBooks Salary : Enter wage and salary information

How to Enter wage and salary information in QuickBooks

Regardless of how you have set up your employee defaults, you can customize the wage and salary information for each employee. Then QuickBooks will prefill the information when you write a paycheck for your employee.

Step 1 – Click on Employee Center.

Step 2 – Click on the Employees tab, if required.

Step 3 – If the employee is already on the list, then double-click on the employee’s name.

Step 4 – Click on the Change tabs drop-down menu and select Payroll and Compensation Info.

Proceed to step 5 if you are setting up an hourly employee or go to step 6 if you are setting up a salaried employee.

Step 5 – (For hourly employees only) In the Earnings section of the Payroll Info tab, enter an hourly wage payroll item for each type of hourly wage the employee receives.

Important: Overtime payroll items must follow the payroll item for the hourly rate on which they are based; otherwise, the overtime rate will not calculate correctly.

Step 6 –  (For salaried employees only) In the Earnings section, enter a salary payroll item for the employee.

Step 7 – Select the name of the payroll item from the Name the drop-down list and enter the employee’s annual salary in the Hourly/Annual Rate section.

Step 8 – Click on OK.

“You can get touch with us Intuit QuickBooks 24/7 proadvisor support Dial- +800-865-4183 (toll-free).”

QuickBooks Pro Hosting

Experience sophisticated QuickBooks Pro Hosting

Askforaccounting provides the most innovative and sophisticated QuickBooks Pro hosting services to SMBs, CPAs and accountants.

QuickBooks Pro by making it accessible from any remote location and from any device.

You are just a click away to maximize ROI with QuickBooks Pro Hosting

QuickBooks hosting : pro

why QuickBooks pro is best for your business

View all financial records on single screen

Multiple financial reports

A single click activates all features

Hassle-free access to transactions

Get paid easily & faster

Safeguard valuable data

Simple set up

Ease of use

Optimal Data Security

Most advanced infrastructure

SAS 70 certified datacenters

3 layered security architecture

Secure Multi-user Environment

Network setup in QuickBooks

Configure QuickBooks file sharing

QuickBooks multi-user licensing

Uninterrupted QuickBooks Access

Access from remote location

Get undisrupted 24/7 access

Get QuickBooks on Device You Love

Round-the-clock Support

You can connect via chat support

Reach us via over phone or call 1800-865-4183

Email support

Error: -6000, -77 when opening a company file

When opening to organizational file, most of the users encounter QuickBooks Error code -6000, -77, which creates hurdle in the work environment.  This is an error that can happen when trying to open an organizational file. The 6000,- 77 can occur due to several reasons like error text can also be encountered while installing software, while you are working in  Intuit Inc-associated software like QuickBooks, some junk file generated at the time of Windows startup or closing, or may be when installation of the Windows operating system.

Possible reasons for 6000 77 Error:

  • The company file is positioned on external media and not in a local and network drive
  • When you are trying to start QuickBooks organizational file by referencing a recorder drive
  • Anti-virus security software might also create a constraint in interface while working in QuickBooks in multi-user type
  • Incorrect folder permission in which the organizational file is located

Resolution: To solve QuickBooks errors -6000,-77

Solution I: Download & “Restart the QuickBooks file Doctor”

To solve the error -6000, -77and to fix the organizational file on your network with the aid of using or opening the downloading processes QuickBooks File Doctor is essential.

Solution II: Rename the .TLG files and .ND files

.ND and .TLG is an arrangement file that permits QuickBooks Desktop to operate the organizational files on a network in a multi-user approach. Damaged or crushed .ND or .TLG files can generate errors when opening QuickBooks Desktop. Renaming these files will keep your files protected since these are automatically regenerated when you open the organizational file.

  1. Open the folder where the company file is located
  2. Verify if there is another file with the same file name as your organizational file by using extensions .ND and .TLG
  1. Right-click the .ND/.TLG file and then choose Rename from the list. After that, put the word “.old” after the file extension and click enter

Solution III: Instead of the mapped drive, use UNC path

Error: -6000, -77 when opening a company file

Error: -6000, -77 when opening a company file


  1. Right-click in the QuickBooks icon, press Ctrl key+ Run as Administrator. Keep on holding the Ctrl key until the company file appears in the
  2. Go to File menu > choose Restore Company or OpenOpen an organizational file > and click Next.
  3. In the left side of the panel, press Network, and navigate to the folder location of company> Choose the organizational file and press Open

Solution IV: Regenerate corrupted folder

  1. Generate a fresh folder on the C drive
  2. Open the folder from the location where the organizational file is kept
  3. Position the .qbw file. For Example: company_file.qbw
  4. Right-click on the .qbw file and choose Copy
  5. Paste the file after Opening the new folder
  6. Configure the access to multiple users within the company
  7. Restart QuickBooks Desktop and from the new location, open the company files

Contact at for further information:

Hope this article proved helpful for you to restore the error incorporated with QuickBooks error code -6000,-77 when opening a company file. But if you still yearning for more information and instantaneous support for QuickBooks errors, then you can straight away connect with our technical professional. The experts involved are knowledgeable and highly skilled in any issues encountered in accounting software. They have the capacity to assist the users and provide the best solution for every single query, doubt, and errors. Also, these experts will offer you the best elucidations needed to resolve the error. To get in touch with our technical member you can undertake various medium. Either you can directly call at our helpline number 1800-865-4183. or you can connect via QuickBooks online chat support or Live Chat Support.

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Quickbooks efile 941

QuickBooks : What Steps Must be Taken to E-File?

In this tutorial, we will learn about the steps that must be taken by the user to e-file.To create and submit your 941, 944, or 940 payroll tax forms as a Reporting Agency:

Step 1:
Open QuickBooks, select Employees >Payroll Center

Step 2:
Select the File Forms tab and click the desired form.

Quickbooks efile 941

Quickbooks efile 941

Step 3:
Select Create Form.

QuickBook -Create Form

Please note that there are 2 selections for each form. To e-file for your clients as a Reporting Agent, choose the form that includes (for Reporting Agents) in the title.

How to Delete a Duplicate Payment in QuickBooks?

Quickbooks efile 941

Step 4:
When you have completed entering and reviewing the required information, click the Submit For button on the lower portion of the form.

Step 5:
If you get an error message that your payroll tax form contains errors, fix all errors.
When there are no errors, the Print/E-File window 10 is displayed when you click Submit Form.

Step 6:
Choose the E-File Federal Form. The login screen is displayed.

Choose the E-File Federal Form

Quickbooks efile 941

Quickbooks efile 941

Step 7:
Input the Required information, including your EFIN and PIN.

Step 8:
Ensure that the “Remember my information for next time” checkbox is selected. It will save the information and auto-populate the fields in the future.

Step 9:
Select the Submit button.

Source: Just for help support phone number 24/7 service. @ 1800-865-4183.
Your filing will be sent directly to the IRS for processing.

Quickbooks multi user mode not working

Simultaneous Multi-user Access Mode in QuickBooks 2017

Concurrent accessibility of data files by various users is the profound feature QuickBooks 2017.

Simultaneously Use QuickBooks Data File

Users are allowed to simultaneously use the QuickBooks data file. To perform this, you need to first set up multiple user modes.

Quickbooks multi user mode not working

Quickbooks multi user mode not working

When QuickBooks multi-user mode has been activated, install the QuickBooks program for all other users. Assuming, all users are connected to a Windows network. Now, use other replicas of QuickBooks to access the QuickBooks data file housed on the principal computer.

Please make sure:

If you are facing any kind of issue and you are complaining about QuickBooks Keeps Aborting in a Multi user mode then you have to reach out for technical help with the software

QuickBooks Multi User Mode

If your QuickBooks keeps aborting and giving issues then all you need to do is check out for the references. QuickBooks also, simultaneously need to be conveyed and indicated that such simultaneous use is permitted. To perform this, select the File, and then switch to Multi-User Mode command.

In case you require turning off the Multi-User Mode later, you can select the File and then switch to Single User Mode command again.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Supports

Intuit cloud hosting supports simultaneous use by multiple users via a technology called record locking, that locks all the records that users are working with, however, not the entire QuickBooks data file.

For instance, if you are working with company A, and some other user wishes to work with company B, QuickBooks permits this parallel approach.

What you and the other user are not allowed is to work with the same company (company A or B) at the same time. This may imply that you’re working with the same customer record.

In an organization, the user may require several QuickBooks users. Consider a case, where salespeople in your organization prepare bids for customers or prepare an invoice. In such case, you may require having each salesperson set up on QuickBooks. Please note, however, that these salespeople must have only the ability to create an invoice or perhaps generate and print an invoice estimate.

You need to be extra careful in allowing inexperienced accounting users to privilege them with the full access rights to the accounting system. Granting full access permission might raise the threat to the mission-critical data security.

You cannot install the same replica of QuickBooks on multiple machines and legally have a QuickBooks multiple user Setup.

You need to purchase a copy of QuickBooks for each machine on which QuickBooks is installed. Please note, that provide multiple-user versions of QuickBooks where you can purchase customized licenses as per your business needs, falling under the QuickBooks plans.

Versions of QuickBooks also Support Simultaneous

The Enterprise version of QuickBooks backs up multiple-user networks with up to 10 concurrent users, and the other versions of QuickBooks also support simultaneous multiple-user over networks.

QuickBooks manage the finances for your business with the Windows version of the powerful QuickBooks versions of accounting software.

In this fast-paced world of calculations, monitoring and tracking QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solution is capable of creating, operate and back up your company’s file and rapidly setting up business operations, adding your banking information, credit cards, and other historical data in the chart of accounts.

QuickBooks Hosting permits you to set up your customers, employees, vendors, and inventory items.

Capable of taking the business through the day-to-day operations which keep your businesses running: creating estimates, invoices, and sales receipts; recording deposits; processing payments; and printing checks. 24/7 Hour service in toll free number: 1800-865-4183.

Further, run reports; find data related to your business; and close the books, with end-of-year preparations.


Handling Payroll Service Alert! – Your QuickBooks Subscription Has Expired

In this tutorial, we will learn how to reactivate your QuickBooks payroll when you get the QuickBooks alert as follows:“ Payroll Service AlertYour QuickBooks subscription has expired.”

Important Note :

In case you miss to reactivate the subscription within the mentioned period, the features of the QuickBooks Payroll for example: automatic calculation of payroll taxes and payroll forms will get turned off.

Step by step process to reactivate your QuickBooks Payroll for the mentioned alert

Step 1:

Choose the Reactivate Account button in the Payroll Service Alert window.
Step 2:

Sign in via. your Intuit Account login. If you need any help while signing in, read Intuit Account login help for QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance page.
Step 3:

Move to the Service Information section, choose the Reactivate link.
Step 4 :

Review the information related to your payroll service.
Step 5:

Choose Proceed to Checkout.
Step 6:

Choose a Payment Method (payment details you have used to renew the service in the past), or you may choose to add a new payment information.
Step 7:

Enter the Card Security Code, and then click Submit.
Step 8:

Choose Continue.
Step 9:

Choose Place Order.
Step 10:

Choose Next.
Step 11:

Choose Return to QuickBooks.
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  • Update Required! – Get Update in Payroll Center

QuickBooks cloud-based Hosting service provider of QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise versions. Guaranteed 99.95% uptime and 24X7 free supports enable CPAs, accountants and business owners with anytime, anywhere, multi-device access capabilities.If you need any kind of help , simply Dial 1-800-865-4183 and get full assistance.

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036: Cannot verify payroll subscription

We all know the QuickBooks Payroll software is considered as the one of the best accounting software around the world. This software has many tools and features that built the business
management so simple. The application is skillful in operating the accounting and financial
actions mainly for small and medium size businesses. The program is also a required after
request for managing the payroll.

QuickBooks are capable to handle their business need in a better way. No software is free from the technical errors so while using this software they can face this error. One of the most common error occurred on their system Error PS036: Cannot verify payroll subscription.

Today we are to discuss about the causes and resolution of this error. If the user wants to get support 24/7 for QuickBooks, they can call on QuickBooks Technical Support Number.

QuickBooks Payroll Support

What are the causes of the Error QuickBooks PS036?

There could be multiple reasons for this error, few of them into below points. Due QuickBooks payroll subscription inactive. Multiple active payrolls on the inactive Direct Deposit agreement.
Corrupted and damaged QuickBooks Desktop file and damaged data. Incorrect service key and not updated product EIN (Employer Identification Number) is incorrect into the company file.
PSID Company is incorrect. Sometime the QuickBooks Desktop version is not support the other version of windows.

How can I resolve the Error QuickBooks PS036?

Make sure that the user have newest version of Tax Table release and QuickBooks Desktop
release Now the open the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Account Maintenance, and shut down the page Restart and reboot the system. The user can download the QuickBooks Payroll update. Now the user can resets the QuickBooks Desktop update.

If the user still not still faces the same error on their system they can directly call on the
QuickBooks Customer Contact Number for the assistance.Call +1800-865-4183.

“Important Note: If the user are using the DD(Direct Deposit for the company file error, please
call on our support number.”

The user needs to rename the pay sub and QuickBooks Desktop.

Now open the Payroll Account Maintenance QuickBooks Desktop and they can check the active
status of payroll service. And complete the task and shutdown the page.

How to Edit, Update or Change the Firm Name, Address and Personal Contact Name

Step by Step Solution for Edit, Update or Change the Firm Name in ProSeries

If you are a ProSeries, Tax Online (PTO) customer and need to update or change your Firm (Company) Name, Address and Personal Contact Name just follow below this simple solution in solving your problem.

As part of our continuing commitment to work with the IRS, states and industry to combat tax fraud, EFIN documentation is required when requesting changes to your account. Your firm name and address must match the IRS EFIN Application Summary.

In order to ensure data quality and accuracy, a firm (company) name change or request for updating your personal name information on your account requires the submission of a Business Name Change or a Personal Name Change Request. Firm Information can no longer be changed within the software.

For Business Name Changes and/or Address Changes:
For Personal Name Changes:


  1. Business Name changes must be submitted by the Primary contact on the account. Others will be rejected.
  2. If you plan to E-File, your firm’s name and address must match the information on the EFIN Application Summary from the IRS. If the information does not match, an update will need to be done with the IRS, prior to submitting a Business Name Change request. This is NOT the way to register your EFIN . Please refer to EFIN Facts for additional information on registering/submitting EFIN verification
    After submitting your request, you will receive an email confirmation that it has been received.
    • Within 1-2 business days, an email notification will be sent to indicate your request has been completed.

These forms are used for our ProSeries, Easy Act and customers.

Even minor adjustments to your Company Name such as adding CPA or similar acronym to the end of the existing firm name, spelling corrections or obvious expansion of existing name (example – R P Johnson to Robert P Johnson) need to follow the above process.

Contact to us:

B2B technology space closely and loves to write on the latest changes in technology, future tech and fixes for day to day how to issues. Besides writing also loves music, moves and skating.

If you need to support and more info.. about this , Get in touch with us technical support help team Dial 1-800-865-41183.

How To Set Up State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) In QuickBooks

If you want to set up all of your payroll such as compensation, employees, benefits, taxes, and payroll history, then you have to run the Payroll Setup interview. Most of the states collect unemployment insurance from the employers. And, you need a payroll item for each state to which you pay the unemployment insurance.

To do this task

Step 1 –

Go to the Lists menu and then click on Payroll Item List.

Step 2 –

Now, click on the Payroll Item button and then click on New.

Step 3 –

Select Custom Setup, then click on Next.

Step 4 –

Click on State Tax as the type of tax you want to create and then click on Next.

Step 5 –

Select the state’s two-letter abbreviation from the drop-down menu.

Step 6 –

Select State Unemployment and then click on Next.

Step 7 –

Now, follow the onscreen instructions. You can also click on Help button in any window for additional information.

If you need to pay state unemployment insurance as a company expense and also withhold it from the employee earnings, then QuickBooks will help you set up the separate payroll items for your company expense and employee withholding at the same time.

Step 8 –

Click on Prev. if you want to go back to a previous window.

If your state places an annual limit on the taxable income, so QuickBooks will stop computing the tax for an employee when your year-to-date total for income subject to tax reach the limit.

Intuit cloud-based QuickBooks Hosting service provider of QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise versions, and 24X7 helpline enable CPAs, accountants and business owners with anytime, anywhere, multi-device access capabilities.Dial 1800-865-4183 (toll-free).